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TES-005 bookcase desk
TES-005 bookcase desk

TES-005 bookcase desk

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Nice wood
+ gold skin
+ High density fiberboard
+ Upscale Nice
+ cat's eye veneer
+304 stainless steel rose gold

The base material adopts the state-owned enterprise Shangsihualin advanced production line with high E0 level
Density fiberboard, high-grade Nice shadow wood veneer on the surface, back panel
It is a high-gloss cat's-eye wood veneer, with gold silk on the sides and laminates.
It can be seen that there is a hidden flat LED aluminum strip light strip at the bottom of the laminate, and the human body
Inductive switch, natural light, perfect performance of Nice and Cat's Eye
A complementary veneer and a layered sense of product shape, top and bottom
The near side of the board is equipped with SUS304 stainless steel solid core decorative strips,
The surface is plated in a noble rose gold color, which is more noble and elegant