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Your shipment is trusted with our professionals. International logistics is not just delivering form A to B but considering different factors which affect the final delivery cost.

Logistics is one of the biggest parts of the furniture shopping overall expenses for our custiomers. The more experienced shipping broker the more you save.


1- Furniture production finished

2- Consult the logistics company for the cost and you need to pay the logistics fee

3- Booking a container

4- Delivering container to the nearest port

5- Customs clearance in China

6- Shipping a container to the selected port

7- Customs clearance in the country of destination

8- Inbound delivery


All the goods for international shipment are loaded into container. There are two main types we use for loading, the price will depends on which container you’ll need.

Delivery cost

Delivery cost depends on:

Container type (20 ft or 40 ft)

Country and city of delivery

Time of the year

Transport type: sea, rail or auto freight

Time of delivery

The farther the destination the more time it takes to deliver.


Is it possible to buy insurance for a container?

We cooperate with leading insurance companies in the world and insure the container of each client.

Can I buy a container?

Yes, you can. You should inform us in advance before the shipment starts from China. The price depends on the day of production, wear and other factors. It is usually about 1500-3000$.

What to do with the container after unloading the furniture?

After unloading, the empty container will be returned to the port or to the railway station by a containership.

How much time will I have for unloading a container?

According to international logistics rules, after the container has arrived at the desired address, you must unload the container in a specified time (usually 4-6 hours).

Will you deliver a container straight to my house?

Yes, the container will be delivered to your house or building. The only requirement is that the road should be wide enough and there is no entry ban for containerships.

Can you deliver furniture by plane?

Yes, it is very fast but very expensive. So we almost never use delivery by air.

I live far from the sea. How will I get my container?

The delivery usually includes 3 steps:

By sea to the closest port

By train to your city

By car to your address

Why is delivery by the sea the cheapest?

The main reason is the relatively low cost of transportation companies because one ship carries up to 5000 containers at a time.

Why do you deliver containers by sea?

It is one of the most inexpensive ways of delivery that is good for large loads. Travel time is 40-45 days, and the container does not open when reloaded.